Depositions / Trials / Hearings

Preparing a witness or being a prepared witness is essential to ensure the Court hears what you want the Court to hear. 

Launi prepares witnesses for Depositions and Trials/Hearings to ensure they are effective and ready for the experience.  Launi structures her service to fit the needs of each witness. In addition to discussing the obvious importance of dress, demeanor and effectively responding to questions, she also offers the following services as needed:

   *   Practicing questions and answers to ensure the witness listens to the questions and answers only the question asked;

   *   Teaching the witness about court procedures and teaching them how to best help their attorney during the trial;  

   *  Accompany client to hearing or to observe their Judge in advance of trial/hearing; 

   *  Relaxation techniques for court appearance.

   *  Video recording of witness preparation review. (Additional charge)

Launi does not provide legal advice to the clients, instead she defers to the client's attorney for legal strategy. Launi often works closely with the client's attorney for a questions answer period. Launi encourages clients to answer questions honestly in a way that will help them present their best selves.