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Trial / Hearing Preparation

Let Launi Sheldon help prepare your clients for trials and hearings. Helping your client to present her/his best self can make a significant difference in the outcome of the trial. 

Preparing litigants for trials and hearings is much different than preparing litigants for depositions and therefore Launi prepares them differently. Launi Sheldon typically spends between three and four hours preparing clients for trials. More time, and possibly multiple visits, are needed if clients have bad habits that need to be corrected. 

Launi understands that litigants need to know how to act while they are in trial; not just while they are testifying but also while sitting at the table with their lawyer. Launi prepares them for all aspects of the trial/hearing.

When litigants head to trial they will be appearing in front of the judge, therefore they will need look their very best. I recommend litigants wear conservative clothing, have hair neatly brushed/combed, woman should wear minimal make-up, men should be cleanly shaven or have neatly trimmed facial hair and all litigants should cover tattoos and only show minimal piercings. 

The judge will consider the litigants attitude and demeanor when they make orders, therefore the litigants should not become argumentative while they are being questions and should not interrupt the attorneys or the judges. They should also not show any anger while on the stand or even sitting at the table with their attorney. 

If attorneys do not have at least three hours to spend with their clients to prepare them for hearings, they should hire someone who does.

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