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Do's and Don'ts for Custody Evaluation Interviews

I think as lawyers, we always want to tell our clients the do's and don'ts for Custody Evaluations. These items may seem like common sense to the lawyers, but they aren't always common sense to the clients.

Interviews are just one of the many aspects of a custody evaluation. When being evaluated, parties will be required to provide significant information in many different forms. For instance, you will be interviewed and observed. You may be asked to provide a timeline and collaterals.

This article is only going to focus on the interview. This is not an all inclusive list. If I were to meet with you, I would go more in depth on these items and more. You want to present the very best YOU possible. You are currently in a very difficult situation and that sometimes causes you to act and react differently than you normally would. You want the evaluator to see the best of