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Evaluation Preparation

Preparing a client for an evaluation is essential to ensure the client is ready to effectively communicate their story to the evaluator during the interview process, including gaining an understanding of the types of questions the evaluator may be asking them and properly framing their responses to questions.    

Launi structures her service to fit the needs of the client.  Evaluations are typically done to help a party with their case or help the judge understand certain parts of the case. So it is important that clients put their best foot forward during any evaluation.

Launi helps prepare clients for:

Because parties involved in litigation can be anxious about what will occur during an evaluation, it is best to make sure they are prepared.  It is also important that they do not provide an abundance of unnecessary information to the evaluator.  Launi will help the client organize their thoughts and the information they are going to provide.   Launi will also help clients prepare timelines and resumes if requested.

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