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Comprehensive Family Evaluation

There are several different types of Custody Evaluations. The court will order the evaluation that is best for the particular case and the specific facts of that case. A Comprehensive Family Evaluation (CFE) is the most thorough evaluation and of course the most expensive. 


 It is important to make sure your client is prepared for the evaluation to the fullest extent possible and for each part of the evaluation. An evaluation may consist of the following:

  • Intake documents

  • Interviews

  • Interviews with collaterals

  • Home visit

  • Child interview

  • Psychological testing 

  • Document review

  • Timeline review (if created)

Clients should be fully prepared for each aspect of the evaluation. When preparing clients for CFEs, Launi spends at least 3 hours with the client. 


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If you do not hire Launi to prep your client, make sure you have them purchase her book.

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