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Strategic legal Services


My client was very impressed with Launi and the services she provided.  She helped him to focus his concerns into specific legal categories.  He felt prepared and confident when he met with the assigned evaluator.  

Phoenix Attorney

As a family law practitioner, I am often very busy when preparing for trial or a deposition.  Sometimes, my clients need more preparation for these significant events than I can provide.   I began employing Launi as a consultant about a year ago to help my clients understand how trials and depositions work, what to expect, how to dress, and how to feel comfortable with their role in the discovery and litigation process.  I still meet with my clients to review the exact testimony that we plan to present.  But, before I have this meeting, my clients have a session with Launi.  Thus, my time with these clients is spent handling the difficult substantive testimony and not reviewing courtroom procedure or addressing anxieties about testifying.  In turn, my clients are comfortable and prepared in all aspects for the trial and deposition experience, and my client has saved funds as well.

Scottsdale Attorney

In many difficult family law cases involving children, the court may order various services or evaluations that require a parent’s participation. All too often I hear of parents walking into a custody evaluation, a parenting conference or a parenting coordinator meeting without much needed preparation for this meeting.   I began utilizing Launi to give my clients a “leg up” as they prepare for their child-related event. Launi’s  years of research and work in this area help my clients gain the necessary knowledge and familiarity they need to be successful in their custody evaluation, parenting conference or parenting coordinator meetings.  Clients learn what to expect, as well as how best to present themselves and communicate their story in an organized and focused way.  In the time I have been employing Launi as a consultant for my firm, I have seen a clear increase in positive outcomes for my clients engaged in child related events.  I highly recommend her services.

Scottsdale Attorney

This shout out to Launi Sheldon is long overdue... I hired her to prep me for depositions of opposing party and the doctors I was trying to get removed for bias. I was in over my head. Each doctor had lawyered up and I had the full force of OC and her staff . Also BIA who agreed with doctors and hated my client.
Long story short: one doctor removed by agreement and one completely thrown off case for bias... with a strongly written ME (THANK YOU Judge Bergin.)
Launi was available for my crazy daily and met me on a Saturday ... where after prep she held me down to apply lavender oil.
It worked.

East  Valley Attorney

New shout out to Launi (I swear I do not get paid to do this). She prepped my Minder client and it made a night and day difference! Client is a little ADD and was very hard to keep her on topic, and she was also abused by Dad. Client was a ROCK STAR on the stand today! Thank you Launi!

Launi is the ABSOLUTE BEST and has been crushing it in my cases where I have used her!

East  Valley Attorney

Huge shout out to Launi Sheldon for her trial preparation services for my VERY nervous client! Client loved Launi and she killed it today in Court after her prep session on Friday with Launi! Her prices are very reasonable and her post-preparation feedback email to me was invaluable! Definitely recommend! 🏆

West Valley Attorney

I have to give a shout out to Launi Sheldon! (I should have done this awhile ago, sorry Launi!) I hired her to help prepare my client for a "family assessment" in Pinal County, in a case where there is some physical abuse, but mostly emotional abuse and a lot of gaslighting going on. Launi helped the client develop her story and tell it well. The report came out so fantastic for the client and I know it was all about the prep! It was so good that OC finally agreed to a CFE, which is what we really wanted to get the mental health part really examined. Highly highly recommend Launi to help prep clients!

East Valley Attorney

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