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Expert Witness Preparation

Preparing the Expert Witness for Depositions and Trials

Report Review/Critique


Critiquing testimony​

Experts are often called to testify in a wide variety of areas requiring specialized expertise.  Although they may be an expert in their field, they are typically not experts at testifying.  Many expert witnesses may not have had much experience testifying at a deposition or at trial and can find it to be an intimidating or even frightening prospect.

Launi's experience and insight will help experts to feel more comfortable and confident about their testimony.

In addition to preparing experts for testifying, Launi is also available to critique expert reports and testimony to assure clients are properly prepared for all questions. 

After testifying, experts often wonder how they did or what they could have or should have done differently.  Launi will attend hearings or trials to watch the expert testify and provide feedback.

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