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Some litigants have problems communicating with their co-parent. Sometimes they just need a little help.


In 2012, Launi Sheldon founded ProperComm ( in an effort to help parents resolve communication conflicts.  So why do parents who are splitting up have difficulty communicating? Many parties were unable to communicate appropriately prior to their split and the divorce has made it worse; some high-conflict parents have personality traits that interfere with their ability to communicate appropriately, and some are simply parents in high-conflict regarding caring for the children. ProperComm was designed to not only stop abusive communication in high-conflict families, it was also designed to teach parents how to communicate appropriately.


Sometimes the high-conflict parents need more or less assistance than that provided by ProperComm.  In those cases, Launi will help coach the parent's communication and assist him/her in achieving a more effective and less combative communication style.

Communication coaching can be done via Skype, Facetime, emails or in person.  Launi will help clients communicate more appropriately and effectively.

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