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Attorney Coaching/Critiquing

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Attorneys may spend quite a bit of time in court and not necessarily be aware of the impact of the things they say or how they say them may have on the trier of fact.  The way an attorney presents a case, how they do things in court and what they say in the courtroom could negatively affect the outcome of their case or hearing.  

Launi Sheldon is available to observe hearings/trials and provide  feedback to assist attorneys in improving their courtroom techniques and presentations. 

Attorneys routinely submit a variety of pleadings to the Court.  Those pleadings, for example pre-hearing statements, may be extremely important in helping to shape the outcome of a case.  Writings should be complete but simple. Launi will share her experience in writing successful pleadings for clients to assist the attorney in improving writing skills by reviewing and critiquing pleadings and providing constructive, positive feedback.


Launi is also willing to work side by side with an attorney when helping them prepare witnesses and exhibits. 

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