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Special Real Estate commissioner

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Matthew Sheldon
Legacy Advisors

What is a Special Real Estate Commissioner?

A Special Real Estate Commissioner is a licensed realtor or broker who is appointed by the Court to sell a property. 


The Court may order a property to be sold as a result of a divorce, a death, a bankruptcy, or a civil suit.    Unfortunately, parties are not always in agreement or one party refuses to actively participate in a sale or even agree to a realtor.  In that type of situation, a Court would order a Special Real Estate Master or a Special Real Estate Commissioner

As a long time Agent and Designated Broker, Matthew Sheldon has an abundance of experience to help divorcing parties sell both residential and commercial property. As a divorce attorney and realtor, Launi Sheldon understands the importance of having a strong, knowledgeable, experienced person available to ensure the properties can be sold for the best value. Matt and Launi will work as a team. As a team they understand both the real estate aspect and the the courts and will be ready to seek court intervention if necessary, to ensure one party does not block the sale. 

Launi has partnered with Designated Broker Matthew Sheldon and Legacy International.  Matthew brings his years of experience and wealth of knowledge to the table. 

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